Hints and Tips!

Easy/ Free Credits.....

One of the most frequent questions that I’ve been asked is how to get free items/credits. There are plenty of “dailies” around VFK which you can do that gives you credits and items.

NPC’s (Non Playable Characters) : NPC’s give free credits out once a day! In order to get them, find an NPC and say “please“, “please” again, and “thank you“. The following is a list of NPC’s and their location:
Miss Claira – Victorian Age, Autumn Imports – 100 credits
Mr. Ned – Western Age, Inside Livery Stable – 50 credits
Mr. Smith – Western Age, Western Mercantile – 50 credits
Miss Solaria – Space Age, Galactic Trading Post – 50 credits
Miss Leila – Splashtastic, Tiki Tropics – 50 credits
Victorian Map and Mansion Mazes: The 2 Victorian Mazes are a great way to get items. You receive an item every hour, and they usually retire after a month which makes them rare to trade!
To get to the Victorian Map Maze , go to the Victorian Map. You’ll see a maze on the bottom-left of the map. Walk over to the exit of it to play. To get to the Victorian Mansion Maze, go to to the Victorian Mansion, which is the giant house on the map. Once inside, go through the bottom-door to enter the maze!

HOST Events: HOST Events are games that the VFK Staff create. If you win the game, you receive a rare item. There is usually a HOST event every day. Check the Event Calendar, which is located on the MENU button, for information. You can also ask other players if there is a surprise event.

Quests: Playing quests is the quickest and easiest way to get credits and pins for free. By doing all the Epic Quests, you can receive up to 56,000 credits! A new quest is available every Sunday, and is only available until Tuesday. Do these quests because their prizes become rare! New quests are also available on most holidays.

Mini-games: Playing Mini-games is a fun way to earn credits too. Here are the locations of all the mini-games in VFK:

1. Audubon Wildlife Adventure – Western Age
2. Fourth of July Fireworks – Victorian Age
3. The Haunting of Sleepy Hollow - Victorian Age
4. Checkers – Western Age (upstairs in the Mercantile)
5. Laser Tag – Space Age
6. Space Pirates – Space Age
7. Night Fighters – Space Age
8. Crossword Puzzle – Under the MENU button, on the toolbar
9. Word Search Puzzle – Under the MENU button, on the toolbar
10. Sudoku Puzzle – Under the MENU button, on the toolbar